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The Pathauto module provides a mechanism to automate the creation of path aliases. This makes URLs more readable and helps search engines index content more effectively. For more information, see the online documentation for Pathauto.


Pathauto is accessed from the tabs it adds to the list of URL aliases.
Creating Pathauto Patterns
The "Patterns" page is used to configure automatic path aliasing. New patterns are created here using the Add Pathauto pattern button which presents a form to simplify pattern creation thru the use of available tokens. The patterns page provides a list of all patterns on the site and allows you to edit and reorder them. An alias is generated for the first pattern that applies.
Pathauto Settings
The "Settings" page is used to customize global Pathauto settings for automated pattern creation.
The maximum alias length and maximum component length values default to 100 and have a limit of 255 from Pathauto. You should enter a value that is the length of the "alias" column of the path_alias database table minus the length of any strings that might get added to the end of the URL. The recommended and default value is 100.
Bulk Generation
The "Bulk Generate" page allows you to create URL aliases for items that currently have no aliases. This is typically used when installing Pathauto on a site that has existing un-aliased content that needs to be aliased in bulk.
Delete Aliases
The "Delete Aliases" page allows you to remove URL aliases from items that have previously been assigned aliases using pathauto.